Fungi on Stamps: Ukraine to Zimbabwe

The most notable issue in this section is the USA sheet of 2005 [VIEW], which illustrates a Northeast Deciduous Forest theme, with the stamps in the series being a mosaic section of the overall scene. There are ten postage stamps in the sheet, all of 37 cents face value. However the stamps are self-adhesive, so they are peelable rather than perforated and consequently difficult to recognise on the image of the sheet. Compare the original sheet with this graphic in which I have outlined the stamp margins to emphasise the distribution of the stamps within the sheet [VIEW].

Country of Issue
Year of Issue
SG catalogue number or custom number Description CLICK to see graphic
Ukraine 1999 294 Armillariella mellea VIEW
Ukraine 1999 295 Paxillus atrotomentosus, Velvet-footed pax
Ukraine 1999 296 Pleurotus ostreatus, Oyster mushroom
Ukraine 1999 297 Cantharellus cibarius, Chanterelle
Ukraine 1999 298 Agaricus campestris, Field mushroom
United States of America 2005 MS4416 Maxisheet, 370 x 100 mm, Ten 37 c. (self-adhesive) stamps as part of an overall Northeast Deciduous Forest scene. Stamps feature red-shouldered hawk, Eastern red bat; Eastern buck moth (vert); White-tailed deer; Black bear; Long-tailed weasel (vert); Wild turkey (vert); Ovenbird (vert); Eastern newt with Armillaria mellea, Eastern chipmunk. Background picture includes Laetiporus sulphureus. VIEW
Uruguay 1997 2316 Tricholoma nudum VIEW
Uruguay 1997 2317 Agaricus xanthodermus, Yellow stainer
Uruguay 1997 2318 Russula sardonia
Uruguay 1997 2319 Microsporum canis, "Hongo microscopico" and shows girl hugging dog
Uruguay 1997 2320 Polyporus versicolor
Vanuatu 1984 377 Cymatoderma elegans var. lamellatum VIEW
Vanuatu 1984 378 Lignosus rhinocerus (as rhinoceros)
Vanuatu 1984 379 Stereum ostrea (horiz)
Vanuatu 1984 380 Ganoderma boninense
Vietnam 1983 626 Pleurotus ostreatus VIEW
Vietnam 1983 627 Coprinus atramentarius, Common ink cap
Vietnam 1983 628 Flammulina velutipes, Golden mushroom
Vietnam 1983 629 Cantharellus cibarius, Chanterelle
Vietnam 1983 630 Volvariella volvacea, Chinese mushroom
Vietnam 1983 631 Agaricus sylvaticus, Red-staining mushroom
Vietnam 1983 632 Morchella esculenta, Common morel
Vietnam 1983 633 Amanita caesarea, Caesar's mushroom
Vietnam 1987 1156 Polyporus squamosus VIEW
Vietnam 1987 1157 Clitocybe geotropa, Trumpet agaric
Vietnam 1987 1158 Tricholoma terreum
Vietnam 1987 1159 Russula aurata, Golden russula
Vietnam 1987 1160 Collybia fusipes, Spindle shank
Vietnam 1987 1161 Cortinarius violaceus
Vietnam 1987 1162 Boletus aereus, Bronze boletus
Vietnam 1991 1530 Amanita pantherina VIEW
Vietnam 1991 1531 Amanita phalloides, Death cap
Vietnam 1991 1532 Amanita virosa, Destroying angel
Vietnam 1991 1533 Amanita muscaria, Fly agaric
Vietnam 1991 1534 Russula emetica
Vietnam 1991 1535 Boletus satanus, Satan's mushroom
Vietnam 1996 2067 Aleuria aurantia, mint stamp plus overprinted 'specimen' plus IMPERFORATE stamp. VIEW
Vietnam 1996 2068 Morchella conica, mint stamp plus overprinted 'specimen' plus IMPERFORATE stamp.
Vietnam 1996 2069 Anthurus archeri, mint stamp plus overprinted 'specimen' plus IMPERFORATE stamp.
Vietnam 1996 2070 Laetiporus sulphureus (as seriphureus) Chicken mushroom, mint stamp plus overprinted 'specimen' plus IMPERFORATE stamp.
Vietnam 1996 2071 Filoboletus manipularis, mint stamp plus overprinted 'specimen' 'plus IMPERFORATE stamp.
Vietnam 1996 2072 Tremiscus helvelloides, mint stamp plus overprinted 'specimen' plus IMPERFORATE stamp.
Vietnam 2001 2412 Phallus indusiatus; perforate PLUS imperforate stamps VIEW
Vietnam 2001 2413 Aseroe arachnoidea; perforate PLUS imperforate stamps
Vietnam 2001 2414 Phallus tenuis; perforate PLUS imperforate stamps
Vietnam 2001 2415 Phallus impudicus; perforate PLUS imperforate stamps
Vietnam 2001 2416 Phallus rugulosus; perforate PLUS imperforate stamps
Vietnam 2001 2417 Simblum periphragmoides; perforate PLUS imperforate stamps
Vietnam 2001 2418 Mutinus bambusinus; perforate PLUS imperforate stamps
Vietnam 2001 MS2419 Minisheet, 86 x 86 mm, 13000d. Pseudocolus schellenbergiae (42 x 31 mm). One perforated, one IMPERFORATE. VIEW
Yemen Republic 1991 39 Boletus aestivalis VIEW
Yemen Republic 1991 40 Suillus luteus, Butter mushroom
Yemen Republic 1991 41 Gyromitra esculenta, Beefsteak morel
Yemen Republic 1991 42 Leccinum scabrum, Brown birch bolete
Yemen Republic 1991 43 Amanita muscaria, Fly agaric
Yemen Republic 1991 44 Boletus miniatoporus (as B. erythropus) Flaky-stemmed witches' mushroom
Yemen Republic 1991 45 Leccinum versipelle (as L. testaceoscabrum), Red cap
Yemen Republic 1991 MS46 Minisheet, 70 x 90 mm. 460f. Stropharia aeruginosa, Verdigris agaric. Imperforate VIEW
Yugoslavia 1983 2068 Agaricus campestris VIEW
Yugoslavia 1983 2069 Morchella vulgaris, Common morel
Yugoslavia 1983 2070 Boletus edulis, Cep
Yugoslavia 1983 2071 Cantharellus cibarius, Chanterelle
Yugoslavia 2000 3236 Grey partridge. Set of four stamps devoted to endangered bird species in a strip of FIVE with the central (label) a nice image of Boletus sp. VIEW
Yugoslavia 2000 3237 Grey partridge (different).
Yugoslavia 2000 3238 Rock partridge (Alectoris graeca) on nest.
Yugoslavia 2000 3239 Two rock partridges.
Zaire [SEE Congo,
for other issues]
1996 DM1996 Minisheet 100 x 130 mm, four stamps, all 35000 NZ face value, all vert., Termitomyces aurantiacus, Tricholoma lobayensis, Lepiota esculenta, Phlebopus sudanicus. Two versions of the sheet, one perforate and one imperforate.

VIEW perf

VIEW imperf

Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) 1984 420 Amanita flammeola VIEW
Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) 1984 421 Amanita zambiana
Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) 1984 422 Termitomyces letestui
Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) 1984 423 Cantharellus miniatescens
Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) 1998 DM1998 Set of 10 sheets, 110 x 114 mm, of six identical stamps, all horiz., (a) 250 kwacha face value, Chlorophyllum molybdites [VIEW]; (b) K250, Tricholomopsis rutilans [VIEW]; (c) K450, Lepista sordida [VIEW]; (d) K450, Psilocybe stunzii [VIEW]; (e) K500, Lepiota sp. [VIEW]; (f) K500, Gomphideus subroseus [VIEW]; (g) K900, Cantharellus cybrina [VIEW]; (h) K900, Suillus subolivaceus [VIEW]; (i) K1000, Hygrophorus camarophyllus [VIEW]; (j) K1000, Volvariella speciosa [VIEW]. PLUS sheet, 96 x 111 mm, of six different stamps, all horiz., all K900; Boletus lelleri, Russula brevipes, Clitocybe odora, Stropharia semiglobata, Collybia dryophila, Stropharia rugosoannulata. PLUS single-stamp sheet, 106 x 76 mm, K3200, Armillaria mellea [VIEW].
Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) 2002 MS897 Collective sheet, 120 x 120 mm, 2 x 3 stamps 2500k. face value, featuring Clitocybe olearia, Boletus edulis, Amanita phalloides, Amanita muscaria, Cantharellus cibarius, and Inocybe erubescens. VIEW
Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) 2002 MS898 Minisheet, 100 x 70 mm, 8000k face value, featuring Psathyrella piluliformis. ONE of a set of 3 sheets the others feature the Arum lily and the African monarch butterfly.
Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Zhodesia) 1992 826 Amanita zambiana VIEW
Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Zhodesia) 1992 827 Boletus edulis
Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Zhodesia) 1992 828 Termitomyces sp.
Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Zhodesia) 1992 829 Cantharellus densifolius
Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Zhodesia) 1992 830 Cantharellus longisporus
Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Zhodesia) 1992 831 Cantharellus cibarius
Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Zhodesia) 2006 1178 Cantharellus, Agaricus and Boletus. The only one of a series of six stamps on 'African Dishes' to show fungi. VIEW

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