Fungi on Stamps: Guinea to the Isle of Man

Notable items in this section include some of the most extreme examples of ‘milking the market’ by producing repetitive issues just for sale to stamp collectors. Many of these are excellent examples of graphics design and high quality colour printing in miniature and are worth having for these features.

The issue I like most is the Guinea 2009 series called ‘Mushrooms on stamps’! The collective sheet in this set has six stamps showing previous issues from Australia, Afghanistan, Andorra and France [VIEW]; and the set is completed with a souvenir sheet with a single stamp showing a previous issue from the Faroe Islands [VIEW].
Of biological note is the series from Guinea-Bissau in 1988 which combines anatomical and microscopic details with the mushroom images [VIEW], which can be compared with the Micronesia 2000 series entitled ‘Mushrooms Spectacular’ showing magnified details [VIEW] but also has explanations of folk tales.

Country of Issue
Year of Issue
SG catalogue number or custom number Description CLICK to see graphic
Guinea 1977 912 Collybia fusipes VIEW
Guinea 1977 913 Lycoperdon perlatum
Guinea 1977 914 Boletus edulis
Guinea 1977 915 Lactarius deliciosus
Guinea 1977 917 Morchella esculenta (airmail)
Guinea 1977 917 Agaricus campestris
Guinea 1977 918 Macrolepiota (Lepiota) procera
Guinea 1977 919 Cantharellus cibarius
Guinea 1977 MS920 Minisheet, 115 x 86 mm. Features the 5s and 9 s stamps (SG Nos. 912 and 914). The sheet background features Morchella esculenta (outlined in gold) and the sheet is edged in gold. NUMBERED 12356 VIEW
Guinea 1985 1157 Rhodophyllus callidermis VIEW
Guinea 1985 1158 Hohenbuehelia (as Agaricus) niger
Guinea 1985 1159 Termitomyces (as Thermitomyces) globulus
Guinea 1985 1160 Amanita robusta
Guinea 1985 1161 Lepiota subradicans (airmail)
Guinea 1985 1162 Cantharellus rhodophylus
Guinea 1985 MS1211 Minisheet, 69 x 93 mm. 50s.overprinted on 30s. stamp showing Phaeogyroporus (as Phlebopus) silvaticus. The background sheet also shows Agaricus heterocystis. VIEW
Guinea 1995 1670 Leccinum nigrescens VIEW
Guinea 1995 1671 Boletus rhodoxanthus
Guinea 1995 1672 Cantharellus lutescens
Guinea 1995 1673 Paxillus involutus, Brown roll-rim
Guinea 1995 1674 Xerocomus rubellus
Guinea 1995 MS1675 Minisheet, 66 x 83 mm. 1000f. Gymnoplius junonius (stamp is a 31 x 38 mm section of a larger image) VIEW
Guinea 1996 1712 Agrocybe cylindracea  (?) Chestnut fungus VIEW
Guinea 1996 1713 Leccinum scabrum
Guinea 1996 1714 Amanita virosa
Guinea 1996 1715 Lactarius indigo 
Guinea 1996 1716 Cortinarius violaceus 
Guinea 1996 1717 Boletus mirabilis
Guinea 1996 MS1718 Minisheet, 90 x 70 mm, 1000f. Hygrophorus  sp. (31x39 mm). VIEW
Guinea 1999 DM1999 SEPARATES; 100F, Lentinellus cochleatus; 100F, Lactarius blennius; 150F, Lactarius sanguifluus; 150F, Leucocortinarius bulbiger; 300F, Lactarius porninsis; 300F, Calocybe ionides; 300F, Limacella guttata; 300F, Clitocybe Phyllophila; 300F, Cystoderma amianthemum; 450F, Suillus granulatus; 450F, Pleurotus cornucopiae; 450F, Suillus luteus; 450F, Suillus grevillei; 450F, Calocybe carnea; 450F, Suillus placidus; 450F, Panus tigrinus [VIEW]. PLUS two souvenir sheets, 170 x 130 mm, nine stamps in each (3 x 3), all horiz.; (a) all 300F face value, Hygrocybe nigrescens, Hygrocybe subglobispora, Oudemansiella mucida, Amanita rubescens, Amanita muscaria, Suillus luteus, Coprinus picaceus, Gymnopilus junonius, Amanita muscaria (different) [VIEW]; (b) all 450F face value; Macrolepiota procera, Lactarius britannicus, Tabicina haematodes, Amanita muscaria (different yet again), Xerocomus badius, Laccaria amethystea, Paxillus atromentosus, Armillaria mellea, Amanita echinocephala [VIEW]. PLUS minisheets, 85 x 69 mm, (a) 2500F, Coprinus atramentarius [VIEW]; (b) 2500F, Lactarius britannicus (different) [VIEW]; (c) 3000F, Amanita citrina [VIEW].
Guinea 2002 DM2002 Collective sheets, 133 x 100 mm, six stamps (3 x 2): (a) all stamps 1000FG face value, unidentified mushrooms, perforated [VIEW]; (b) same as (a) but IMPERFORATE [VIEW]; (c)  all stamps 3000FG face value, unidentified mushrooms [VIEW]. PLUS souvenir sheets, 100 x 133 mm, one stamp 6000FG face value unidentified mushrooms; (a) perforated [VIEW], (b) IMPERFORATE [VIEW].
Guinea 2002 DM2002 (a) block of four stamps, all horiz., all 1900FG, Hygrocybe coccinea, Termitomyces letestui, Aseroe rubra, Anthurus archeri [VIEW]; PLUS same set of four in a minisheet, 130 x 90 mm [VIEW], PLUS same minisheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. (b) block of four stamps, all horiz., all 2250FG, Amanita rubescens, Hygrocybe punicea, Clavariadelphus truncatus, Boletus aereus [VIEW], PLUS same set of four in a minisheet, 130 x 90 mm [VIEW], PLUS same minisheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW].
Guinea 2002 DM2002 Souvenir sheet, 130 x 150 mm, with three stamps (all vert.); 300 FG, Aseroe rubra; 500FG, Hygrocybe punicea; 750FG, Boletus edulis [VIEW]; PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS the same three stamps individually in single-stamp minisheets, 90 x 112 mm; set of three sheets, PLUS the same set of three sheets IMPERFORATE [VIEW A], [VIEW B], [VIEW C].
Guinea 2002 DM2002 Single stamp design commemorating Alaxander Fleming (1881-1955); 2000FG face value, stamp features an unidentified mushroom. Three stamps of the same design in a minisheet 110 x 90 mm [VIEW]; PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS the same stamp in a single stamp minisheet, 68 x 90 mm [VIEW], PLUS the same minisheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW].
Guinea 2004 DM2004 Souvenir sheet, 163 x 115 mm, inscribed 'Scouts', with three stamps (vert.); 750FG, shows 'Agaricus genus' mushroom; 1000FG, Lion; 4500FG, Palla ussheri butterfly [VIEW]. PLUS same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS single stamp minisheet, 90 x 115 mm, showing the same 'Agaricus genus' design but with a face value of 4000FG [VIEW].
Guinea 2006 DM2006 Single-stamp souvenir sheets, 178 x 100 mm, commemorating 'Centenary of Scouting'; all stamps horiz., all 25000FG face value. Set of three sheets. PLUS same set of three sheets IMPERFORATE; (a) Russula amoena [VIEW]; (b) Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca [VIEW]; (c) Martian shergottite meteorite (a type of meteorite named after one that fell at Sherghati, India in 1865) [VIEW].
Guinea 2007 DM2007 Owls and mushrooms series, all stamps horiz., all show both an owl and a mushroom: Collective sheet, 150 x 112 mm, of three stamps; 2000FG, Amanita caesarea; 7500FG, Lactarius deliciosus; 20000FG, Amanita muscaria [VIEW]. Single-stamp minisheets, 140 x 105 mm, all 25000FG face values, similar to above designs but reversed, still showing (a) Amanita caesarea (sheet shows Cantharellus cibarius) [VIEW]; (b) Lactarius deliciosus (sheet shows a different image of Cantharellus cibarius) [VIEW]; (c) Amanita muscaria (sheet shows a large Termitomyces, but it is labelled Boletus edulis) [VIEW].
Guinea 2008 DM2008 Series called 'Les Champignons' and all stamps show portraits of Albert Schweitzer: Collective sheet, 104 x 142 mm, of six stamps (2 x 3), all vert., all 5000FG face value, Boletus satanus, Volvariella volvacea, Russula emetica, Boletus satanus (reversed design), Volvariella volvacea (reversed design), Russula emetica (reversed design) [VIEW]. PLUS souvenir sheets 106 x 142 mm, with single stamps, 25000FG face value; (a) Craterellus cornucopoides [VIEW]; (b) Entoloma hochstetteri [VIEW].
Guinea 2009 DM2009 Series called 'Mushrooms on stamps'!! Collective sheet 175 x 98 mm, of six 5000FG stamps showing previous issues from Australia, Afghanistan, Andorra and France [VIEW]. PLUS souvenir sheet, 142 x 107 mm with a single stamp of 29000FG face value showing an issue from the Faroe Islands [VIEW].
Guinea 2011 DM2011 Souvenir sheet, 150 x 98 mm, with four stamps; 10000FG, Clathrus ruber; 5000FG, Suillus salmonicolor; 5000FG, Chlorophyllum molybdites; 10000FG, Cantharellus lateritius [VIEW]. PLUS a single stamp minisheet, 128 x 91, 40000FG, Armillaria gallica [VIEW].
Guinea 2011 DM2011 2011: Souvenir sheet, 173 x 113 mm, with three stamps, all horiz.; 5000FG, Boletus chrysenteron; 15000FG, Boletus aereus; 20000FG, Craterellus tubaeformis [VIEW]; PLUS a version of the sheet imperforate [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 1985 924 Clitocybe infundibuliformis (as C. gibba). One of a set of six stamps in a complete minisheet. VIEW
Guinea-Bissau 1985 925 Morchella elata. One of a set of six stamps in a complete minisheet.
Guinea-Bissau 1985 926 Lepista nuda. One of a set of six stamps in a complete minisheet.
Guinea-Bissau 1985 927 Lactarius deliciosus. One of a set of six stamps in a complete minisheet.
Guinea-Bissau 1985 928 Russula virescens. One of a set of six stamps in a complete minisheet.
Guinea-Bissau 1985 929 Chroogomphus rutilus. One of a set of six stamps in a complete minisheet.
Guinea-Bissau 1988 1059 Aleuria (as Peziza) aurantia with drawing of mildew on a leaf. VIEW
Guinea-Bissau 1988 1060 Morchella (conica?) Morel, with drawing of oomycete sexual reproduction.
Guinea-Bissau 1988 1061 Amanita caesarea, Caesar's mushroom, with drawing of detail of hymenium.
Guinea-Bissau 1988 1062 Amanita muscaria, Fly agaric, with drawing of budding yeast to show asexual reproduction; but also includes yeast ascus..
Guinea-Bissau 1988 1063 Amanita phalloides (as fhalloides), Death cap, with drawing showing hymenium position in different fruit body types.
Guinea-Bissau 1988 1064 Agaricus bisporus, Cultivated mushroom, with drawing showing detail of hymenium.
Guinea-Bissau 1988 1065 Cantharellus cibarius, Pixie stool, with drawing showing dermatophyte infection (tinea) of hair follicle.
Guinea-Bissau 2001 DM2001 Collective sheet, 142 x 107 mm, six square stamps, all 350FCFA face value; Hygrocybe conica, Clitocybe dealbata, Tricholoma pessundatum, Boletus edulis, Tricholoma terreum, Hygrophorus agathosmus. VIEW
Guinea-Bissau 2001 DM2001 Various depictions of Sir Alexander Fleming in the 'Personalities of the 20th Centruy' series (all stamps show the same portraits of Fleming). Collective sheet, 100 x 104 mm, four square stamps (2 x 2), all 1000FCFA face value; Leccinum versipelle, Suillus granulatus, Boletus edulis, Russula paludosa. PLUS same sheet but IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS single stamp minisheets, 105 x 108 mm, set of four sheets perforated [VIEW A] [VIEW B] [VIEW C] [VIEW D], PLUS set of four sheets IMPERFORATE [VIEW A] [VIEW B] [VIEW C] [VIEW D].
Guinea-Bissau 2003 DM2003 Nobel Prizewinners, sheet, 135 x 100 mm, of six stamps, all square, all 350FCFA face value; one shows Alexander Fleming with a mushroom (unnamed) in top right quarter [VIEW]. PLUS a souvenir sheet, 140 x 110 mm, with a single (square) stamp, 3500FCFA value, showing Fleming and a mushroom. PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2003 DM2003 World Celebrities, s heet x 2, 140 x 110 mm, single 3000FCFA value stamp shows Alexander Fleming + mushroom. PLUS same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS sheet, 105 x 108 mm,  single 3000FCFA value stamp shows a different portrait of Alexander Fleming + the same mushroom [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2003 DM2003 Hong Kong 2004; set of four souvenir sheets, all 142 x 106 mm, each with a single (square) 450FCFA stamp featuring an orchid and a mushroom [VIEW]. Two of the sheets show views of Hong Kong with Concorde (one Air France [VIEW], one BA [VIEW]).
Guinea-Bissau 2003 DM2003 Mushrooms and Orchids, none identified. Minisheets, 104 x 108 mm; (a) all stamps square, 450CFA value, perforate; (b) same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]; (c) one of these four stamp designs reversed (left to right) and revalued to 3000FCFA, perforate; (d) same as (c) but IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS same set of four 450FCFA stamps in separate one-stamp minisheets, 54 x 58 mm, IMPERFORATE [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2003 DM2003 Mushrooms and Butterflies, none identified. Minisheets, 104 x 108 mm; (a) all stamps square, 450CFA value, perforate; (b) same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]; (c) one of these four stamp designs revalued to 3000FCFA, perforate; (d) same as (c) but IMPERFORATE [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2004 DM2004 Mushrooms and Orchids, sheet, 136 x 103 mm, of six (square) stamps, all have a large orchid image but a small (identified) mushroom in bottom right quarter; all have 400FCFA face value; Boletus regius, Calocybe gambosa, Catathemasma imperiale, Pleutorus eryngii, Entoloma sinuatum, Clitocybe inversa [VIEW]. PLUS souvenir sheet, 108 x 142 mm, with a single 3500FCFA (square) stamp showing Tricholomopsis rutilans [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2005 DM2005 B. Powell and Birds, sheet, 142 x 108 mm, of six square stamps, all 400FCFA, one shows a portrait of Baden Powell with an owl, the rest show an owl + mushroom, only the owls are identified. PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE. PLUS sheet, 141 x 108 mm, single (square) stamp, 3000FCFA face value, owls + unidentified mushrooms [VIEW]. VIEW
Guinea-Bissau 2005 DM2005 Owls and Mushrooms, sheet, 115 x 138 mm, of six stamps (vert.) plus three perforated labels (3 x 3); all stamps 450FCFA face valus, three stamps show unidentified mushrooms, three show unidentified owls [VIEW]. PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS sheet 141 x 108 mm, single (square) stamp, 2500FCFA face value unidentified mushrooms [VIEW]; PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2008 DM2008 Mushrooms and Insects, s heet, 144 x 110 mm, of four stamps (2 x 2), all square, all 500FCFA face value, each shows both a mushroom and an insect: Boletus edulis, Leccinum aurantiacum, Lactarius torminosus, Russula cyanoxantha; sheet background also shows Laccaria laccata and Gyroporus cyanescens [VIEW]. PLUS single (square) stamp sheet, 144 x 110 mm, 3000FCFA face value, shows Lactarius chrysorrheus, sheets also shows Morchella conica and Suillus grevillei [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2008 DM2008 Mushrooms and Beetles, all stamps square, 500FCFA value, four stamp designs in 62 x 60 mm minisheets, all IMPERFORATE; Lactarius torminosus, Russula cyanoxantha, Boletus edulis, Leccinum aurantiacum. VIEW
Guinea-Bissau 2009 DM2009 Toxic Mushrooms, sheet, 144 x 110 mm, of five (square) stamps (3 x 2) : 450FCFA, Amanita gemmata; 550FCFA, Boletus albidus; 800FCFA, Tricholoma sejunctum + Tricholoma virgatum; 800FCFA, Tricholoma albobrunneum + Hygrocybe nigrescens; 1000FCFA, Tricholoma flavovirens + Russula chrysodacryon; the sixth (imperforate) segment shows Amanita vaginata [VIEW]. PLUS the same five stamps in 89 x 75 mm minisheets, IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS souvenir sheet, 144 x 110 mm, single (square) stamp, 3500FCFA face value, Cortinarius (as Coryinarius) bolaris + Lactarius helvus; sheet background also shows Amanita muscaria, Amanita regalis, Amanita pantherina, and Tricholoma sapanaceum [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2010 DM2010 Mushrooms, all stamps square, five stamp designs in 69 x 60 mm minisheets, all IMPERFORATE; 550  FCFA face value, Boletus edulis + Amanita pachycolea; 650FCFA, Amanita muscaria + Morchella elata; 800FCFA, Cortinarius glaucopus + Leccinum versipelle; 850FCFA, Amanita patherina + Amanita patherina (? looks more like Armillaria); 1000 FCFA, Amanita velosa + Russula foetens [VIEW]. PLUS same five stamps in a sheet, 130 x 98 mm, (3 x 2) with the sixth section (top middle) an imperforate label showing Tricholoma flavovirens + Gomphidius glutinosus [VIEW]. PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. PLUS souvenir sheet, 142 x 108 mm, with single (horiz.) stamp, IMPERFORATE, 2500FCFA face value, Leccinum versipelle + Tricholoma magivelare; sheet also shows Amanita muscaria, Boletus edulis, Macrolepiota procera, Pholiota squarrosa and Amanita pantherina [VIEW]. PLUS sheet, 144 x 110 mm, of six (square) stamps all 600FCFA face value; Russula ochroleuca, Amanita vaginata, Amanita rubescens, Macrolepiota procera, Russula emetica, Laccaria amethystea [VIEW]; PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW]. plus a souvenir sheet with a single square stamp, 3400FCFA value, Lepista nebularis; the sheet also shows Hygrocybe coccinea, Pleurotus ostreatus, Hygrophoropsis (as Hygroforopsis) aurantea and Amanita excelsa [VIEW]. PLUS the same sheet IMPERFORATE [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2011 DM2011 Christian Hendrik Persoon, sheet, 150 x 138 mm, of six stamps (vert.), all 550FCFA face value, Phallus inducsiatus, Lycoperdon perlatum, Clathrus archeri, Podaxis pistillaris, Geastrum saccatum, Puccinia urticata [VIEW]. PLUS souvenir sheet, single (horiz.) stamp, 3100FCFA face value; stamp shows portrait of Persoon + Phallus impudicus [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2011 DM2011 Mushrooms, sheet, 110 x 127 mm, of four stamps, square, all 750FCFA, Lactarius vellereus, Tricholoma equestre, Xerocomus badius, Leucogomphidius glutinosus [VIEW]. PLUS souvenir sheet, 144 x 109 mm, with single, square stamp, 2900FCFA value, Hypholoma fasiculare; the sheet shows Agaricus arvensis [VIEW].
Guinea-Bissau 2012 DM2012 Mushrooms, sheet, 173 x 106 mm, of five stamps (four horiz., one vert.), all 600FCFA face value, Psalliota sylvatica, Armillaria robusta + Agaricus subgibbosus; Armillaria robusta + Agaricus aeruginosus; Armillaria robusta + Agaricus rubescens; Armillaria robusta + Agaricus piperatus [VIEW]. PLUS a single-stamp sheet, 132 x 105 mm, stamp shows Armillaria robusta + Agaricus malleus. The sheet shows Psalliota campestris and Psalliota sylvatica [VIEW].
Guyana 1987 DM1987 Strip of four stamps, all vert., and $2 face value: Coprinus comatus, Amanita muscaria, Pholiota aurivella, Laccaria amethystina [VIEW]; PLUS a one-stamp minisheet, 78 x 122 mm, $5 face value, Sarcoscypha coccinea [VIEW].
Guyana 1988 DM1988 Collective sheet, 122 x 168 mm, of eight stamps (2 x 4), all horiz., all $2 face value; four stamp designs duplicated within the sheet; Lepiota cristata, Tricholoma sulphureum, Cortinarius laniger, Cortinarius bolaris. VIEW
Guyana 1990 DM1990 Four SEPARATES, all $2.55 face value, all vert.; Coprinus comatus, Panaeolus semiovatus (as Anellaria semiovata), Pholiota squarosa, Oudemansiella mucida [VIEW]; PLUS the same set of stamp designs in single-stamp minisheets 72 x 108 mm [VIEW A], [VIEW B], [VIEW C], [VIEW D]; PLUS an additional minisheet, $20 face value, featuring Phallus impudicus [VIEW].
Guyana 1991 DM1991 Five SEPARATES: $6.40, Boletus satanoides; $7.65, Russula nigricans; $50, Cortinarius glaucopus; $100, Lactarius camphoratus; $190, Cortinarius callisteus [VIEW]. PLUS minisheet 78 x 118 mm, $360, Coprinus micaceus [VIEW]; PLUS minisheet, 118 x 76 mm, $360, Russula integra [VIEW]. PLUS minisheet, 124 x 80 mm, stamp value $800, features two scouts playing chess, printed on GOLD foil, surrounding sheet features mushroom images [VIEW].
Guyana 1993 DM1993 SEPARATES: five stamps all horiz.; $7.65, Amanita phalloides; $8.90, Boletus satanus; $50, Suillus granulatus; $100, Gymnopilus spectabilis; $250, Pluteus leoninus [VIEW]; PLUS minisheet, 68 x 108 mm, $500, vert., Kuehneromyces muabolis [VIEW]; PLUS four other minisheets 108 x 68 mm, all horiz., all $500 face value; Omphalotus illudens [VIEW], Coprinus plicatilis (as pzicatilis) [VIEW], Hygrocybe chlorophana [VIEW], Hypholoma fasciculare [VIEW].
Guyana 1996 4682 Morchella esculenta VIEW
Guyana 1996 4683 Green-spored mushroom
Guyana 1996 4684 Common mushroom and leaf beetle
Guyana 1996 4685 Pine cone mushroom and monarch (Danaus plexippus) caterpillar
Guyana 1996 4686 Armillaria mellea VIEW
Guyana 1996 4687 Gomphus floccosus
Guyana 1996 4688 Pholiota astragalina
Guyana 1996 4689 Helvella crispa
Guyana 1996 4690 Hygrophorus miniatus
Guyana 1996 4691 Omphalotus olearius
Guyana 1996 4692 Hygrocybe acutoconica
Guyana 1996 4693 Mycena viscosa
Guyana 1996 4694 Lentinellus cochleatus, Cockle-shell lentinus VIEW
Guyana 1996 4695 Volvariella surrecta
Guyana 1996 4696 Lepiota josserandii
Guyana 1996 4697 Boletellus betula
Guyana 1996 4702 Leotia viscosa VIEW
Guyana 1996 4703 Calostoma cinnabarina
Guyana 1996 4704 Paxillus panuoides, Stalkless paxillus
Guyana 1996 4705 Amanita spissa
Guyana 1996 MS4706 Minisheet, 124 x 80 mm. $800 airmail stamp printed on gold foil. Sheet features eight mushrooms and is overprinted '18th World Jamboree, August 1-11 1996, Holland' PLUS an imperforate version. VIEW
Guyana 1996 MS4706 Two minisheets, each 114 x 84 mm. (a) features fungi $300 Mycena leaiana and the Yellow grosbeak (bird) [VIEW]; (b) features corals, $300 Tubifera ferryginosa, Clavulina amethystina and Ramaria formosa (horiz) [VIEW].
Guyana 1997 4984 Morchella hortensis VIEW
Guyana 1997 4985 Boletus chyrsenteron
Guyana 1997 4986 Hygrophorus agathosmus
Guyana 1997 4987 Cortinarius violaceus
Guyana 1997 4988 Acanthocystis geogenius
Guyana 1997 4989 Mycena polygramma
Guyana 1997 5002 Hebeloma radicosum
Guyana 1997 5003 Coprinus comatus
Guyana 1997 4990 Coprinus picaceus VIEW
Guyana 1997 4991 Stropharia umbonatescens
Guyana 1997 4992 Paxillus involutus
Guyana 1997 4993 Amanita inaurata
Guyana 1997 4994 Lepiota rhacodes
Guyana 1997 4995 Russula amoena
Guyana 1997 4996 Volvariella (Volvaria) volvacea VIEW
Guyana 1997 4997 Psalliota augusta
Guyana 1997 4998 Tricholoma aurantium
Guyana 1997 4999 Pholiota spectabilis
Guyana 1997 5000 Cortinarius armillatus
Guyana 1997 5001 Agrocybe dura
Guyana 1997 MS5004 Minisheet, 76 x 105 mm. (a) $300 Amanita muscaria [VIEW], (b) $300 Pholiota mutabilis [VIEW].
Guyana 1999 5521 Coprinus atramentarius (28x33 mm)



Guyana 1999 5522 Hebeloma crustuliniforme (28x33 mm)
Guyana 1999 5541 Russula nigricans (28x33 mm)
Guyana 1999 5542 Tricholoma aurantium (28x33 mm)
Guyana 1999 5523 Boletus aereus VIEW
Guyana 1999 5524 Coprinus comatus
Guyana 1999 5525 Inocybe godeyi
Guyana 1999 5526 Morchella crassipes
Guyana 1999 5527 Lepiota acutesquamosa
Guyana 1999 5528 Amanita phalloides
Guyana 1999 5529 Boletus spadiceus
Guyana 1999 5530 Cortinarius collinitus
Guyana 1999 5531 Lepiota procera
Guyana 1999 5532 Russula ochroleuca VIEW
Guyana 1999 5533 Hygrophorus hypotheius
Guyana 1999 5534 Amanita rubescens
Guyana 1999 5535 Boletus satanas
Guyana 1999 5536 Amanita echinocephala
Guyana 1999 5537 Amanita muscaria
Guyana 1999 5538 Boletus badius
Guyana 1999 5539 Hebeloma radicosum
Guyana 1999 5540 Mycena polygramma
Guyana 1999 MS5543 Two minisheets, (a) 70 x 98 mm. $300 Pluteus cervinus [VIEW]. (b) 98 x 70 mm. $300 Lepiota acutesquamosa [VIEW].
Guyana 2000 5956 Amanita calyptroderma (as calyptzoderma). In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps). VIEW
Guyana 2000 5957 Polyporus brumalis (as crumalis). In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5958 Hygrophorus pudorinus (as pydorinus). In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5959 (inscr. Aeryginosa) Stropharia geophila. In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5960 Amanita muscaria. In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5961 Armillaria (as Armillariella) mellea. In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5962 Hygrocybe pratensis (as Hygrophotacaea). In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps). VIEW
Guyana 2000 5963 Russula xerampelina. In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5964 Hygrophorus coccineus (as cocineus). In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5965 Psilocybe stuntzii (as stuntaii). In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5966 Rhodotus palmatus. In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 5967 Lactarius (as Lactaius) indigo. In a 3 x 2 collective sheet with other $100 stamps).
Guyana 2000 MS5974 Minisheets. (a) 99 x 69 mm. $400 Marasmius rotula (as zotula) [VIEW], (b) 69 x 99 mm. $400 Volvariella pusilla (vert), (c) 99 x 69 mm, $400 Trametes (as Tzametes) versicolor [VIEW].
Guyana 2003 6400 Clitocybe clavipes VIEW
Guyana 2003 6401 Clitocybe gibba
Guyana 2003 6402 Calocybe carnea
Guyana 2003 6403 Marasmius
Guyana 2003 MS6404 Collective sheet, 133 x 92 mm, four stamps all $150 face value; Amanita spissa; Boletus aestivalis; Boletus rubellus; and Clathrus archeri. VIEW
Guyana 2003 MS6405 Minisheet, 96 x 66 mm, $400 Volvariella bombycina. VIEW
Guyana 2011 DM2011 Mushrooms of the Caribbean: Collective sheet, 170 x 100; six stamps (3 x 2), all $150 face value, all vert., Pseudotulostoma volvata, Inocybe ayangannae, Amanita parphaea, Entoloma olivaceocoloratum, Panaeolus cyanescens, Tylopilus vinaceipallidus [VIEW]; PLUS collective sheet, 100 x 130 mm, with four stamps, all vert., all $225 face value, Boletellus dicymbophillus, Inocybe epidendron, Amanita auranteobrunnea, Tylopilus pakaraimensis [VIEW]; PLUS  single-stamp minisheets 70 x 100 mm, both $475 face value, both vert., (a) Craterellus excelsus [VIEW], (b) Amauroderma gusmanianum [VIEW]
Honduras 1995 1292 Marasmius cohaerens (horiz); complete set of all 30 stamps in a single collective (and numbered) sheet. VIEW
Honduras 1995 1293 Lepista nuda, Blue leg (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1294 Trichaptum biformis (as Polyporus pargamenus) (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1295 Fomes sp. (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1296 Panaeolus (as Paneolus) sphinctrinus (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1297 Hygrophorus aurantiaca (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1298 Amanita rubescens, The blusher
Honduras 1995 1299 Boletus frostii
Honduras 1995 1300 Heterobasidion annosum, (as Fomes annosus)
Honduras 1995 1301 Psathyrella sp.
Honduras 1995 1302 Boletellus rusellii (as B. russelli)
Honduras 1995 1303 Marasmius spegazzinii
Honduras 1995 1304 Amanita sp.
Honduras 1995 1305 Psilocybe cubensis, Golden tops
Honduras 1995 1306 Boletus regius, Royal boletus
Honduras 1995 1307 Craterellus cornucopioides, Black trumpet
Honduras 1995 1308 Auricularia delicata
Honduras 1995 1309 Clavariadelphus pistillaris
Honduras 1995 1310 Scleroderma citrinum (as S. aurantium) (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1311 Amanita praegraveolens (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1312 Cantharellus cibarius, Chanterelle (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1313 Geastrum triplex (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1314 Russula emetica (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1315 Boletus pinicola (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1316 Fomes versicolor (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1317 Gloeocantharellus (as Cantharellus) purpurascens (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1318 Lyophyllum decastes (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1319 Pleurotus ostreatus, Oyster fungus (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1320 Boletellus (as Boletus) ananas (horiz)
Honduras 1995 1321 Amanita caesarea, Caesar's mushroom  (horiz)
Honduras 2005 DM2005 Collective sheet, 108 x 91 mm, four stamps all horiz., all marked 'Aero 2005'; L.20.00, Inscribed Hygrophorus marzuolus but the image looks more like a morel, may be an exchange of labels with L.50 stamp (= Gyromitra, false morel), but it still looks more like Morchella; L.25.00, Lactarius deliciosus; L. 30.00, Boletus pinophilus; L.50.00,  Hygrophorus marzuolus (inscr. Gyromitra esculenta). VIEW
Hungary 1984 3583 Boletus edulis VIEW
Hungary 1984 3584 Marasmius orcades, Scotch bonnet
Hungary 1984 3585 Morchella esculenta, Common morel
Hungary 1984 3586 Agaricus campestris (as campester), Field mushroom
Hungary 1984 3587 Cantharellus cibarius, Chanterelle
Hungary 1984 3588 Macrolepiota procera, Parasol mushroom
Hungary 1984 3589 Armillaria (Armillariella) mellea, Boot-lace fungus
Hungary 1986 3751 Amanita phalloides VIEW
Hungary 1986 3752 Amanita muscaria
Hungary 1986 3753 Inocybe patouillardii
Hungary 1986 3754 Omphalotus olearius
Hungary 1986 3755 Amanita pantherina
Hungary 1986 3756 Gyromitra esculenta
Hungary 1993 4141 Ramaria botrytis VIEW
Hungary 1993 4142 Craterellus cornucopoides, Death trumpet
Hungary 1993 4143 Amanita caesarea, Caesar's mushroom
Iceland 1999 924 Suillus grevillei VIEW
Iceland 1999 925 Field mushrooms ("Agaricus campestris")
Iceland 2000 954 Cantharellus cibarius VIEW
Iceland 2000 955 Coprinus comatus, Shaggy ink cap
Iceland 2002 1011 Leccinum scabrum, one separate stamp PLUS ten others in a stamp booklet [VIEW]. VIEW
Iceland 2002 1012 Hydnum repandum, Hedgehog fungus
Iceland 2004 1083 Amanita vaginata VIEW
Iceland 2004 1084 Camarophyllus pratensis
Iceland 2006 1157 Xerocomus subtomentosus VIEW
Iceland 2006 1158 Kuehneromyces mutablis
Indonesia 1994 DM1994 SURF ISLANDS; Mushrooms and Berries series in a minisheet, 150 x 116 mm, (4 x 2, all vert); Rp. 0.02, Boletus edulis; Rp. 0.05, Armillaria mellea; Rp. 0.10, Amanita muscaria; Rp. 0.25, Boletus satanus. The other four stamps (Rp. 1, 2.5, 5 and 10.0) all show berries (blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry). VIEW
Indonesia 1999 2512 Ascosparassis heinricherii, in a collective sheet with nine other diamond-shaped stamps VIEW
Indonesia 1999 2513 Mutinus bambusinus
Indonesia 1999 2514 Mycena sp.,
Indonesia 1999 2515 Gloephyllum imponens
Indonesia 1999 2516 Microporus xanthopus
Indonesia 1999 2517 Termitomyces eurrhizus
Indonesia 1999 2518 Boedijnopeziza insititia
Indonesia 1999 2519 Aseroe rubra
Indonesia 1999 2520 Calostoma orirubra
Indonesia 1999 2521 Mutinus bombusinus, separate (rectangular) stamp plus three stamps of each design in a stamp booklet.

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Indonesia 1999 2522 Ascosparassis heinricherii, separate (rectangular) stamp plus three stamps of each design in a stamp booklet.
Indonesia 1999 2523 Mycena sp., separate (rectangular) stamp plus three stamps of each design in a stamp booklet.
Indonesia 1999 MS2524 Minisheet, 62 x 92 mm, 5000r. Termitomyces eurrhizus VIEW
Ireland, Republic of 2008 1910 Macrolepiota procera VIEW
Ireland, Republic of 2008 1911 Leccinum versipelle, Orange birch bolete
Ireland, Republic of 2008 1912 Hygrocybe calyptriformis, Pink waxcap
Ireland, Republic of 2008 MS1913 Minisheet, 150 x 67 mm with a single 95c stamp; featuring Sarcoscypha austriaca, Scarlet elfcup. VIEW
Isle of Man 1995 662 Amanita muscaria, complete set of separate stamps plus version in a presentation pack [VIEW presentation pack]. VIEW
Isle of Man 1995 663 Boletus edulis
Isle of Man 1995 664 Coprinus disseminatus
Isle of Man 1995 665 Pleurotus ostreatus
Isle of Man 1995 666 Geastrum triplex
Isle of Man 1995 MS667 Mini sheet, 100 x 71 mm, £1 Coprinus comatus, Shaggy ink cap and bee orchid (50 x 59 mm) [VIEW]; plus version in a presentation pack [VIEW].

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