11. Some word games for your entertainment

If you click on the entries in the table below you can access, and then print, some PDF pages (free) of word games based on each of the previous ten chapters. Click on the hyperlinks to open the file in a fresh window. All of these files can be printed

There are two types of puzzle here: first is a set of wordsearches, which are really quite easy, second is a set of anagrams, which are really quite hard.

All of these puzzles use words and phrases taken from the text of their chapter.


Chapter 1 wordsearch Chapter 1 wordsearch solution
Chapter 2 wordsearch Chapter 2 wordsearch solution
Chapter 3 wordsearch Chapter 3 wordsearch solution
Chapter 4 wordsearch Chapter 4 wordsearch solution
Chapter 5 wordsearch Chapter 5 wordsearch solution
Chapter 6 wordsearch Chapter 6 wordsearch solution
Chapter 7 wordsearch Chapter 7 wordsearch solution
Chapter 8 wordsearch Chapter 8 wordsearch solution
Chapter 9 wordsearch Chapter 9 wordsearch solution
Chapter 10 wordsearch Chapter 10 wordsearch solution
... and one extra wordsearch featuring names of cultivated mushrooms Cultivated mushrooms wordsearch solution


Chapter 1 anagrams Chapter 1 anagram solutions
Chapter 2 anagrams Chapter 2 anagram solutions
Chapter 3 anagrams Chapter 3 anagram solutions
Chapter 4 anagrams Chapter 4 anagram solutions
Chapter 5 anagrams Chapter 5 anagram solutions
Chapter 6 anagrams Chapter 6 anagram solutions
Chapter 7 anagrams Chapter 7 anagram solutions
Chapter 8 anagrams Chapter 8 anagram solutions
Chapter 9 anagrams Chapter 9 anagram solutions
Chapter 10 anagrams Chapter 10 anagram solutions

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