Section 4: Blogs about medical mycology

The contributors to this part of the World of Fungi website are the many medical students who have completed their special study module (SSM) under my supervision, together with a few Honours biology students who have completed projects with me.

SSMs are for Year 1 Medics and aim to encourage students to have an active approach to learning by performing literature-based research on a biomedical topic. They then produce a written report on that topic, and this report forms the basis of the webpages you have here. I generally offer titles under two heading: 'Origin of drugs in current use' (with emphasis on drugs derived from fungi) and 'Potential of Fungi Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine'. Only the best SSMs make it to this website, so I think you'll be impressed. But remember the limitations - the authors are first year medical students and they have a total of less that two months to research the topic and, in fact, have only two weeks of that time free of their main (and very demanding) course work.

Follow the links in the navigation panel alongside for brief introductions to the topics, then visit other parts of this website for more details about the fascinating World of Fungi. Learn certainly, but most of all - enjoy!

Origin of drugs in current use:

  • The Cyclosporine story: by Harriet Upton (2001)
  • The Diflucan story: by Abrar Malik (2001)
  • The Ergot Alkaloids: by Ziad Madlom (2002)
  • The Statins: by Mark Gilson (2000)
  • More about Statins: by Chee-Peng Lydia Pavey (2003)
  • Patenting Statins: by Ian Ramsay (2003)

Potential of fungi used in:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicinal Auricularia: by Ana Bonell (2001)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicinal Cordyceps: by James Matthew Howard (2003)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicinal Ganoderma: by Mark Dunham (2000)
  • Medicinal Shiitake/shiang-gu (Lentinula edodes): by Mohammad Ismail Haji Mokhtar (2000)
  • Medicinal Shiitake (Lentinula edodes): by Dawn Soo (2002)

Nutritional value of fungi: by Stephanie Ingram (2002)

Potential of fungi used in Chinese remedies for cancer treatment: by Sinthujah Jeganathan (2003)

Section 5: Blogs about general fungal biology

Smith, J.E., Rowan, N.J. & Sullivan, R. (2002). Medicinal Mushrooms: their therapeutic properties and current medical usage with special emphasis on cancer treatments. A report produced for Cancer Research UK. URL: Chapter PDF. Complete PDF.


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