Water colour; gouache; painting, drawing, pen and ink with water colour, field sketching, and MORE...



Photography; what to image; lighting, composition, studio photography; photomicrography, and MORE ...



Choosing your first microscope; set up the microscope; prepare specimens; stains, mountants; making photographs and MORE... 

F A Qs


Questions about soy sauce, mouldy jam, beer, athlete's foot, toxins, allergies,  decomposition, cells, spores and MORE...

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Explain the jargon; tips for field study; doing things, making things; first steps in biodiversity; mushrooms, toadstools, truffles, fairy rings, jelly fungi, birds nest fungi, puffballs, stinkhorns, brackets, mildew, rusts and MORE ...

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Everything needed for games and  activities making a complete learning experience for 7 to 11-year olds; online books and FREE downloads; wide ranging advice; worksheets; simple keys, charts, guides and MORE...

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Classroom-ready resources; teacher's guides, class sheets, quizzes, games; all linked to National Curriculum; ready-made lessons and classroom activities, FREE to download and free to copy; cells and cell biology; world of fungi; what's your favourite fungus and MORE... 



Websites and reprints of articles (FREE to download); resources on exploring genomes and genomics, medical and health topics, toxins; fungi as food; fungal growth, kinetics and mechanics; biotechnology; fungi in the environment; soil, minerals, mycorrhizas, alien fungi, geomycology and MORE...